Our Story

How it all started...

In 2010, God began nudging Anthony Thomas (then a full-time engineer) to start a church in Cana, VA. Void of a plan and reasoning, he took the easy (more logical) route and spoke at churches who were looking for a pastor. #partialobedience

Months later, his pastor introduced him to "Communities of Hope." A pilot program to equip and empower believers to start evangelistic small groups in order to share the Hope that is found in Jesus Christ. In April 2011, Anthony began meeting with a small group of people to discuss, plan and pray. A few months later the Lord opened the doors of St. Paul Elementary School as a meeting place!

The first night, 16 men, women and children showed up. Not only had they grown in number, relationships with Christ were being formed.  Through 'Communities of Hope', the Lord confirmed His call to plant a church in Cana. Anthony, finally at peace, knew this was just the beginning.

Through this step of obedience, he realized the Lord was actively bringing a group of believers together that were united in accomplishing this great work for His kingdom. As this group began to meet and share their hopes for the community and the fears that accompanied such an overwhelming task, it became evident that the Lord had plans to do something greater than anyone could imagine.

Anthony, his dedicated wife Angie, their daughter, Mallie Grace, along with this close-knit group of believers, dedicated themselves to seeking God's will in regards to the decisions surrounding Hope, the people of Cana and the neighboring communities.

This is how Hope began. What started as a handful of believers meeting in a school house, is now a full body who remain excited about what the Lord is doing and in 2012, officially started a little church called Hope Community of Cana, VA. Services were held in the Applewood Music Park building with ample space and room to grow.

Soon, the Sunday rental of Applewood, turned into an offer to purchase, which was accepted; without delay, children's classrooms were added along with a nursery. A curtain separated the kitchen from the sanctuary. A cozy place of worship that openly welcomed everyone. Hope Community  grew, slow and steady.

Six years later, in May 2018, at the church business meeting, Anthony proposed a 10-year plan to find, purchase and relocate to a new campus. The decision was unanimous and bittersweet - exciting for the growth and the need for something bigger, yet sad because this place held so many memories for so many people.  

Nearly a month after the decision to pursue a new location, a member of the congregation approached Pastor Anthony about a piece of property they wanted to donate to the church. Although it wasn't what anyone envisioned, if it was the promised land that the Lord was providing, Anthony knew it required obedience.

June 2018, three months later, Anthony received a call from the pastor of The Bridge Church to see if he would be interested in purchasing their property. The answer was no, because it was impossible. Our little church didn't have funding for a million dollar facility. The idea was comical. However, the timing gave pause to the thought - which direction was God's plan?

Through a series of miracles orchestrated by none other than the Lord, seven months following the call from the pastor of The Bridge, what seemed impossible was made possible. We were able to sell the current property (without advertising), and purchase the new facility, along with 14 acres of additional land. We closed both deals in the same day, at the same time!

Renovations in the new building took place from January 2019 until May 19th when our first service was held, on Hope's 7th anniversary!

Expanding the vision...

The vision is to add ball fields, a playground, an amphitheater, walking trails and more to give the community an opportunity for positive growth.
We are in awe at what God has done and we're eager to see what's next. We've experienced His miracles and know he isn't finished.
We invite you to join us on this incredible journey!

Where we are headed...

Hope strives to be a life giving community - a community that is connected, growing, and transforming.
“for those also who believe in me through their word; that they may all be one; even as you, Father, are in me and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you sent me.”
-John 17:20-21

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10 am