Hope Community Church - Reopening Plan
May 12, 2020
To the Hope Community Family,
We realize that the last few months have been worrisome and difficult to say the least.  The current situation has forced each of us to reevaluate our priorities…our lives…and the way we interact with one another.  We also understand that there is still a lot of uncertainty in regards to the current situation.  As a church, we have attempted to balance three things over the last few months: (1) be submissive to governing authorities, (2) protect the safety and well-being of the flock, (3) and fulfill our Biblical mandate to gather as a body of believers.  This has been the driving force (and will continue to be the driving force) behind every decision made at Hope.  The reality of the situation is that Covid-19 is with us for the foreseeable future…and we must adapt accordingly.

Therefore, your leadership team feels that it is time to once again resume gathering together, in person, on a regular basis.  There is just something powerful and supernatural about a group of believers coming together and worshiping the Lord that is impossible to explain or replace.  Gathering together provides encouragement, accountability, and strength that cannot be gained through any other source.  If there is one thing that is essential in today’s society…it is the church.

Below you will find Phase I of our re-opening plan which works in conjunction with state guidelines.  This plan is designed to protect you physically while providing the spiritual nourishment that we all crave and were created for.  Your spiritual, mental, and physical well-being is our top priority at Hope, but ultimately it is your decision to do what is best for you and your family.  We encourage each of you to choose what’s best for your situation.
Phase I:
Worship Service will resume on Sunday, May 17th:
1. The facility will be disinfected prior to service. 
2. Doors will be opened by greeters.  (If weather permits, a number of doors will remain open during service to allow  fresh air to circulate throughout the facility.)
3. Bulletins or other printed material will not be provided at this time.  (Announcements, prayer list, and sermon outlines will be posted to our  Hope 2 You App.)
4. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the facility. (We also encourage everyone to carry their own individual bottle.)
5. Families are asked to sit together.
6. Chairs will be strategically spaced throughout the sanctuary to allow for appropriate social distancing between families.
7. The Cafe will be utilized for additional seating during service.
8. Offering plates will be located at the altar and at the back of the sanctuary.  There will be no passing of the plate.  You can also continue to give online or through the mail.
9. There will be no time of fellowship during service.  We ask that no physical touching take place at this time.  (That includes hugs, handshakes, fist bumps, etc.)
10. Children under the age of 5 will receive an activity packet as they enter church each Sunday morning.
11. Initially, there will be no Praise Zone for kids during service due to the lack of social distancing in the classrooms.  (All children are asked to remain with their family at the present time.)
12.  The nursery will be made available to mother’s during service.  We will have a volunteer disinfect the room after each use.  
13. There will be no Coffee House (breakfast) prior to service.

-Small Groups such as Men in Prayer, Sister’s in Christ, and the Adult Bible Study will resume starting Monday, May 18th.
- Normal Office Hours and Visitation will resume starting Monday, May 18th.

Things to Consider:
*To ensure your safety, all individuals who are high risk are encouraged to stay home for the first three weeks of Phase I.  This includes elderly individuals or individuals with serious underlying conditions or those who have compromised immune systems.

*If you are in the high risk category but desire to attend service we ask that you wear a safety mask to help ensure your physical well-being.

*If at any time during Phase I you or a family member are feeling sick, and could be a potential risk to others, it is recommend that you stay at home and enjoy our service online.

*For those who cannot attend service we will continue to offer ways to stay connected through Facebook, our website page, and our Hope2You app.  Through these resources you will continue to find sermons and encouraging videos.

*Phase I will last until it is deemed appropriate to move to Phase II.

*During Phase II we will ease back into a more normal routine for gathering.  Phase II recommendations will be outlined at a future date due to the fluidity of the situation.

*This plan will undoubtedly require adjustments as we gain more information about the virus.  There may be setbacks and/or changes so we ask that everyone be patient as we navigate these uncharted waters together.
It is my intent to further explain this plan in a video post on Facebook in the coming days.  If you should have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at any time.

Your Brother in Christ,
Anthony Thomas
Senior Pastor
Hope Community Church